January 11, 2014

in which amelie talks all about how fabulous she thinks writing is.

Okay. Let's admit, we all get those moments where we're suddenly inspired to start a journal or write a book or SOMETHING. (I feel like I'm pointing to myself right now.) Heh... I've probably started, what? Umm... *counts on fingers* one, two, three, twenty, about twenty-seven journals that I've only written one page in. Wbu? (I love love love those three letters- I recently learned this was an abbreviation for "what about you".)
Long story short, I am NOT patient.
Long story short, I've always been a perfectionist. This means that (let's pretend) I create an instagram, and one of the pictures ruins the vibe of the other pictures, I have to restart the whole entire thing. Let's just say that the case is similar with diaries, journals, projects, tumblr blogs, and whatever else I've started in my short lifetime but not finished. As you can tell, my case is quite dramatic.
So I made another New Year's Resolution. Two, actually. The first is that I won't quit doing anything this year, and the second is that I will create a notebook titled "2014" that I will keep even if I have to half-kill myself in the process of doing it. (Let's see how long this lasts, shall we? hee, hee...)
But seriously. I think writing is the best thing on this planet. Because, of course, without writing, there would be no blogging *gasp*. Without writing, there would be no books and stories *GASP*. Without writing, there would be no social media *yowl*. Well, actually, the only one of these three prospect tragedies I actually care about is the books one. And blogging is also kind of fun. Social media usually is overrated after using it for a couple of months (in all honesty). 
Let's take a moment and reflect on the history of writing.
3200 BCE: Mesopotamia creates a writing system. Thank you, my dear chummies for making sure my life was complete!
3400 BCE: (By now, it's already not going in order anymore.) Egypt invented hieroglyphs. Uh... useful? Pictures? (Well, thanks anyway Tut or whoever was reigning at the time!)
The rest remains to be history (hardy har har... aren't I funny? Just kidding.)
Okay. Back to the main point, which I feel like I left in the very first sentence. Oh well. I'm planning to write a book. I have NO idea about what. However, I just really want to. It would feel like such a great achievement, and it would make me incredibly happy and proud to have actually completed (and not ditched) a project that takes more than one day. 
In the meantime, I have a question for all of you: 



London, Paris, or New York? TELL ME WHY! (I choose Paris. I live in New York, so there is zero point in choosing that. Also, New York is so not as fabulous as people make it out to be. Also, London has way too much rain. Sorry Londoners! Paris, though, is not only where I basically come from, but it's also pretty and romantic and has good food, which you can't say for that many places.)


Yazmine Alexandra said...

Whaaaat New York isn't that fab? It's definitely the city I'd choose - I'm planning an extended trip there next year :)
x Yazmine

Riotouslolita said...

Ugh i know right. sometimes being perfectionist is sucks. i don't think i'm a perfectionist person, but when i try to do something and in a way i don't like it, i will stop. completely stop. oh i'm perfectionist? :O i need to stop doing like this. what will i do in the future if i keep doing this. nothing will be finish in my life. and p.s. you're from new york? that's cool! haha i really want to live in there on day <3


Anonymous said...

i would looove to visit London.