January 4, 2014

obsession: ballet (which i quit a long time ago, and it's a thing i think i regret.)


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Ballet, in my opinion, is the most equally beautiful and stressful sport there is. I know that technically, it isn't a sport but rather an art form, but still. Ballet is much more work, let's admit it, than art usually is.
I think the prettiest part of ballet is the way the dancer's body moves. If you watch a video of it on YouTube, lets say, you will probably notice how the dancer is always in this fluid motion, never stopping, but never looking clumsy or out of breath either (unless it's intended). 
You know how I told you that I really just don't do flexibility? Maybe I didn't. Bah. I have a set of unflexible genes from my dear daddy to thank for that. I can't even touch my toes (and here is the enormous secret: on my school's flexibility test, I got a negative score). *groan* It was kind of obvious that ballet wouldn't work out for me from the start, judging at my failure to perform the "touch your toes" and the "butterfly" stretches. On the other hand, my mom is always complaining about how intensely I ride, because riding apparently stubs up and thickens your thighs and thigh muscles. She says ballet would loosen and stretch them out a little more. Plus, ballet makes you not slouch (heh... heh...) and makes you look a bit prettier when you walk. 
Okay. I shouldn't be saying anything anymore, because ballet didn't work out for me. Period.
Well then. Other things on the menu:
 My unicorn! :) 
Please meet my new pet unicorn, straight off my Tumblr feed. :) :) :) *wuv you*

Cara Delevigne has the coolest nerd glasses. They make me so jealous. Who would have though giant glasses would make it into my mind someday? (For the record, my eyesight so far is impeccable. Which means that glasses make me dizzy. So if i got these nerd glasses, I would probably need to get the actual glass part removed. *sigh*)
Finally, I wanted to show you a picture THAT I TOOK (which makes me really proud) of my little heaven, where I always walk my dog. They have this giant cobblestone promenade, with a lake and wild fields on one side, and the rocky beach on the other. It is wonderful. 
See you tomorrow!


Yazmine Alexandra said...

ugh that unicorn picture is perfect

Riotouslolita said...

agree with your opinion about ballet! :-)


Edyta said...

Inspiring. Always so graceful!