December 30, 2013

hi my name is amelie and i'm pleased to meet you

Hi! I'm Amelie and I'm pleased to meet you. I decided to start what I call a book blog, which for me isn't necessarily all books- it's just slightly intellectual in a way. I know I really should have, since I already need to take care of my personal blog, but oh well.
Enough with the dull things! 
Each one of the pictures above is from here and here.
I love pictures that are filtered, I'll admit. They just seem so pretty and pastel-y, that I feel like you simply have to love them. I love going on adventures. They usually end up being in my backyard, because I'm pretty useless when it comes to being brave enough to go somewhere new. (that position is reserved for my dad. me? I like to just go to the same old restaurant, drive the same long roads, and take the same numerous pictures.) Another thing, while we're at it, is that nobody (and when I say nobody I actually mean it) understands my jokes. It must come through the DNA when you have two parents with an identical problem, I suppose. The point is, I always try to make jokes, but 99% of the time, you won't understand it. Don't feel bad about it- I'm used to it by now.

Until next time, 

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