December 31, 2013

the new year

Well HI again. First of all, I should probably start by telling you all about the wonderful books I read and enjoyed during the day, because I was reading nonstop and got through quite a pile.
Shiver, Linger, and Forever: (a trio by Maggie Stiefvater) These are absolutely beyond amazing. They tell the story of a boy (Sam) and a girl (Grace) as well as a few of their close friends and relations. They live in modern-day wherever, except for the one vital fact: the wolves in the forest aren't really wolves at all. They're half man, half wolf. If you get bitten by one, there is no escape from becoming one yourself. But what happens when you try to find a cure to stop the impossible from happening? (Yes, I know that this may have been a bit of a confusing summary, but it's hard to say anything without giving too much away. Plus, I like leaving you on an edge. It's more fun that way.)
This is the last time I'm posting this year. I just realized that. Before, I felt like putting off until tomorrow, but all of a sudden, the realization hit me: tomorrow is next year.
It feels like last year already. It doesn't feel like it's still 2013, one of the equally worst and best ones of my life. In 2013, I started blogging after my mom told me about Tavi Gevinson. Before Tavi and Style Rookie, I was still that kind of girl who used her computer time to play games and gallop little animated horses through the desert and whatever else. After Tavi, though, I was constantly trying to live up and be exactly like Tavi- until I realized that it didn't exactly work out, and even though I could use her as inspiration, it wasn't exactly like I could be her. I was better off blogging as myself.
 teenvogueee: source
In 2013, I went to Costa Rica (my second time) over the summer. I experienced so many things- zip lining on one of the most challenging, longest, and highest courses in the world (and on top of that, I have severe vertigo), I went white water rafting on one of the most difficult rivers in, again, the world, and most of all, I simply got the feeling of really living life. (#YOLO, or hashtag: you only live once)
 wherewecanfly: source
In 2013, I went to a new school. It was, both at the same time, one of the most thrilling and one of the worst experiences I ever had. Thrilling, because it was a place where I really felt like I somehow belonged, and worst because I was leaving behind all my friends, best friends, and in general, people whom I had lived with for years and years.

Because you want to fly. 
Me in these enormous, oversized jeans that I absolutely love.
Now, I'm re-reading this post, and it feels weird. It isn't actually 2014 yet- it's still the same old 2013. But yet, I feel like I already moved on. You see? I'm already talking in past tense. 

P.S. All these pictures and their sources can be found on my tumblr blog.

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