January 2, 2014

i don't even believe myself when i say that i've never even made a resolution list, even though I actually haven't.

HI again. It is officially next year. Well, it is officially 2014. Despite what I said yesterday in 2013, it still feels like last year. Now I confused myself. Time is so weird.
In Australia, it was 3:00pm when it was midnight over here. In other words, when we were in the countdown, still in 2013, Australia had already spent a jolly night and were in 2014. Like I said before, time is so weird.
Okay. I have officially never made a set of resolutions. All of my friends have been doing it for ages, except I haven't. So in other words, I think it's high time.
This is my dog. We spent New Year's in the Hamptons together.
I'm calling it my scrunchy list, after my dear American Apparel scrunchy hair tie. I love that you can stretch and poke it all you want, but it's never going to stop working perfectly. 
1. Read Romeo and Juliet in its original form. I think that it is probably worth it, even though Shaplespeare was admittedly a little too fond about murdering his characters in the most tragic of ways.
2. Think before saying anything. I decided that before sayontgg anything, I'll count to two and rethink what I'm about to say. My mouth and impatience usually get me into unpleasant situations- or maybe it's just that I am way too blunt. Come to think of it, that is probably a very good explanation.
3. Clean my room. Redecorate the second floor of my room. While we're at it, I'll also redecorate the first floor of my room. (If you're confused: my room has a door with a flight of stairs in the corner, and it leads up to an extra room.) I haven't cleaned up or redesigned anything in the last.... 3 years? 4 years? (Hopefully not.)
4. Practice piano and cello more. Or flute. I still haven't really decided between cello and flute, and it is certainly time that I did. I need to also get more patient when I'm playing instruments. Not being perfect right away drives me nuts. It's not exactly a strength when you talk about music.
5. Improve my photography. I am really inspired by tumblr and all the vintage pictures that people are into these days. Alas, so far, my pictures have always turned out... Slightly... Off?
6. Travel the world and go zip lining at every destination possible. Ooh! And go white water rafting while I'm at it, too.



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Sophie Wilson said...

This year is actually the first year that I have made no new year's resolutions. I have goals in my head but I haven't written or thought of anything official. Calling it a scrunchy list is so perfect! I read Romeo and Juliet for school and it's my favourite Shakespeare play that I have read. Your bedroom sounds awesome :O I hope that you achieve all that you want to this year. Happy new year <3