January 24, 2014

flashback to when I visited the moon

I have an opinion on everything, but it isn't like you didn't know that already.
And in my opinion, the movie "Smoke Signals" is fantabulous.

In fact, I devised my own traffic report:
7:00A.M: There was a gust of wind!.... And it's gone.
9:00A.M: Exciting news! A car was just seen on the street.... It just drove away.
Now imagine that with a guy sitting on top of a minivan in a chair with an umbrella attached to it. He is looking at this enormous country road and trying to make some news for his radio station. You also see a welcome sign for the town with Population: 59 written on it.
Smoke Signals is HILARIOUS.
I think this is the best quote ever! (The fact that I made it up probably has lots to do with why I love it so much.) I know- it's a little bit on the cheesy side.

How are things? I'm thinking that I'll start posting a lot more of my own photography. Wbu? (haha- I just learned that one!)


Hannah said...

Smoke signals = so great!!! <3 We watched it in English class.

Yazmine Alexandra said...

Oooh can't wait to see more of your photography x