January 22, 2014

this is the scariest thing I've ever heard

The New York Times published an  article on Sunday that told about a recent research experiment that led to, quite frankly, disaster:
"America much more likely to believe that there are sign that aliens have visited earth (77% of test subjects) than that humans are causing climate change (44% of test subjects)."
Yep. I call that a disaster. 60% of California is experiencing a severe drought right now, and most Americans are still not believing that humans are causing this climate change, but rather that ALIENS HAVE VISITED THE EARTH?! It's a little hard on the mind, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, today I just felt like writing about all sorts of things, and nothing in particular. Actually, that's what I do every single day, but today just feels special for some reason. Maybe it's the fact that it's Martin Luther King Day and I get a day of from school (shame. I was looking forward to history today), or maybe it's the fact that those pictures from MLK's (let's call him MLK for the sake of not sitting in front of the computer all day) time were so upsetting. Reality, in the end, is probably always the saddest. The harshest of the pictures was definitely the one of a fancy, large, clean water fountain marked "white" and a tiny, grimy, ancient water fountain marked "black". It was definitely the quietest of the pictures, yet so powerfully moving.

I'm glad that those days are over- if they weren't, many of the friends I have today would be very different people.

I went on a walk with Bubby and she started mountain climbing. I was really proud of her, because when you look at my dog the first time, she looks extremely cute but otherwise average. When you get to know her a little, she is so not athletic (no offense cookie!), but I'm going to blame that on a giant diet of treats every day.

Do you have a pet that you really love? Tell me about him or her!

TeenVogue had Selena Gomez on their cover two months ago, I think. Now, I shouldn't complain to much, since I actually look at the pictures in TeenVogue myself (I don't bother to read fashion magazines), but what sort of gave me a little "oomph" was when I heard someone say, "TeenVogue is more a dream magazine than a reality magazine." Intrigued, I Googled it. I was extremely surprised when I learned what Photoshop can help you do. (Search it up yourself: you'll probably be surprised as well!)

I'm rereading what I wrote today, and it actually does all go in for one theme: scary things that are happening recently. I'm pretty sure that this is the first time that has ever happened!

What do you guys think about all these?

Note: This was  pare-scheduled post again, and I did actually write this on Monday, January 20, Martin Luther King Day.

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