January 16, 2014

i was playing dress up and now i think i'm wearing lipstick as concealer or something but i'm not sure because there's nothing written on the tube.

*cough. cough* HI! Before I go on, this is a pre-scheduled post meaning I wrote this about five days ago (wait. no. today? I wrote this today. But you're reading this in five days... bah. way too confusing.). That being said, I currently have no idea about what happened yesterday, the day before that, no- tomorrow, the day... I give up. This is really confusing.
Okay. Today is Sunday, and I was playing dress-up even though I totally know that I am WAY too old to do this and by the time Thursday actually rolls around, I'm going to regret writing this. I found some sort of lip-gloss-looking tube, but I remember seeing it posted on Poylvore as a concealer. I have basically never worn makeup in my life, so I experimented. It was DISGUSTING. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm not used to have weird globs of paste smeared all over me. And before you say that I probably had no clue what I was doing (I didn't), I used Michelle Phan's videos. Okay then. My point is made for everyone to see and for me to get ridiculed, but so far, I'm not regretting it as predicted. Oh! And I'm never wearing makeup again for at least another five years. That's final.
On the happy note... I still feel really bad for writing a post about such a heart breaking movie earlier today (Sunday). So I guess I feel in-need to post something happy.
LOVEVintage on We Heart It.

Here's what's new. Basically pretty daisies and vintage-y things that I really like. I especially love the way a night sky looks with a vintage filter- same thing with the drawings of the balloons. I always wonder where these trends come up from.
Right now it's Wednesday and I'm editing this. And, nope, so far I'm still not regretting this entry. So FAR.
Have a lovely Friday!

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