January 17, 2014

all funny stories minus one + featuring the "does Mars have pizza?" story

SO much that I have to tell you about, starting with funny things. Well, I actually don't have any funny things, because by the time I got around to moving my couch-potato-self over to the computer, I  COMPLETELY forgot everything funny that I desperately wanted to tell the world. In my defense, it isn't like I'm unfit. In fact, after running intensely and haphazardly up and down the steepest stairs you've ever seen for three minutes, my average heart beat is only 68 (per minute). That, dear stranger, means that I am quite fit. I was really shocked. (Info credits: a science experiment I did on myself after feeling bad for being too lazy to do ANYTHING. I decided to resolve my worries and obey my mother's pleads that I go outside for a bit by doing something educational.)
So, how is your world going? Does Mars have pizza? I feel like everyone lives on a different planet these days. (I'm actually expecting you to answer that by saying "Life is good!" or something equally mainstream.) My best friend hasn't spoken to me in *counts* four months, but that is probably because we live two hours apart now and she NEVER uses her from-the-age-of-Egyptian-pyramids Nokia phone unless there is a real, ENORMOUS emergency. Plus, this is the modern age, and in the modern age, calling someone with your phone is overrated. Says every teen I can think of. So I guess that in the end, it's kind of obvious that I won't keep my last strands of communication wiht my old best friend. *Adds weeping in the background for full effects.*

Dear poofy slippers,
I am very mad at you.
Especially the right one of you.
Because you, dear poofy slipper,
Let yourself get eaten up by my dog.
That certainly wasn't very smart of you.
Next time, I expect you to be more careful.
All the best,
(May 17, 2007)

I really hope you guys have a great weekend and a fantastic remainder of today!
I would love if you guys told me your favorite of these photo filters:
Thanks everyone!

Love, Amelie


Yazmine Alexandra said...

Perfect post!x

dini~ said...

We're all set with pizza, but we're having chocolate chip cookies shortage in Mars, it's getting bad :( how are you guys holding up in earth?

Anyway, I prefer dusty filters. I love reading your posts, it makes me happy ♡

Sandra Martinez said...

Hi dear!! Good morning :)
I've just discovered your blog and it is amazing!!
Come to see mine, and my new post "Get lucky"