January 19, 2014

originality and pop-up colors and life

Huh. OKAY then... That absolutely makes ZERO sense. I'm talking about the title here.
I usually don't make sense.
Is it very obvious?
Alright. I changed the title just now. It used to be "Originality Comes on the Side of a Milk Carton". You're allowed to laugh, no hard feelings.

People try very hard to be their ideal of perfect. It's like, "Hey! This person looks SO cool! Lemme be that person version 2.0!" I've gotten that feeling before. Everyone probably has. Usually, though, it never works out. You can look like someone all you want, but your personality will never really change. There is this quote that I really like: "You're SO pretty, but your personality ruined it." I stole that from my friend, so don't quote me on this one.

The reason I'm talking about this is because of Tavi Gevinson's talk in the Melbourne Writer's Festival. Okay. It's REALLY late for that, since the speech was last year (it sounds so much farther away than saying "one month ago"). And, everyone has heard of Tavi Gevinson by now, I'm pretty sure. Well, in any case, I just got around to watching her speech on Vimeo. What I really admire about it is that every single word was so true... but so funny, and so easy to listen to. Maybe one of these days I'll be just as good and calm about public speaking as Tavi, but until then, I think I have quite a long way to go.


Someone once told me that almost every smile you see from someone is fake. There are so many reasons to fake a smile, it seems: you're upset but you don't want anyone to know, you don't like a person but you feel like you have to make an effort to be nice, or you might just not feel like smiling on a particular day but circumstances are forcing you to. But then again, some people feel like they can never truly smile. Some people don't smile because they never want to. I don't know. When you think about it, it's the saddest thing ever.


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Let's move on to the cheerful things. Hmmm... Let's start with collages and that sort of thing.
I CAN'T make collages. Believe me, I've tried everything. "Copying" collages in NylonMag, trying to use examples from all of your blogs (those of you that do collages, I mean), and much more. Until now, my collages looked um.... like, well.... pictures? But now I FINALLY made a collage that sort of actually looks like a collage and I am so proud of it. I've also started a kind of cool project for my room that will go on through the entire 2014 that I'm planning to share with you all tomorrow. I still have to scan the collage and share it, too!

Chewing gum is kind of gross, in my opinion. What seems even more disgusting is the fact that bubble gum makes VERY good art (as you can see with the Tumblr animation). Ugh. Wow! Eeek. SO COOL! SO PRETTY! *repulse* I have extremely mixed feelings about bubble gum.

Sparkles and lambs make very good art, too.

I was scrolling through my pictures and I came across this. HOW COOL IS IT? I have no idea how this happened, but I know that I took a picture of the glass bubbles. Huh.

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